Brian Snider trying to impart what he learned at Western Michigan to high school players

December 19, 2012 in High School

By Patrick Hayes

Former Western Michigan guard Brian Snider is now an assistant coach at Otsego High School and Scott DeCamp of the Kalamazoo Gazette has a great feature on Snider’s foray into coaching:

“(Coaching) presents its own new challenges, especially after playing in college and Germany,” said Snider, whose wife is pregnant with the couple’s second child. “I’ve never been the most patient person in the world. I have a short leash, I guess, for a lack of effort or a lack of certain ways to go about to be good. But it’s fun just to be in the gym. It’s a whole different element to basketball obviously, and learning how to communicate effectively to people 10-12 years younger than you as a coach. So far, so good.”

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