Help East Lansing coach Steve Finamore research ‘foul or defend’

December 21, 2012 in High School

By Patrick Hayes

East Lansing coach Steve Finamore has long been intrigued by the ‘foul or defend’ debate and why coaches choose one or the other with their team up three in late-game situations. He’s so intrigued, in fact, that he’s conducting his own research on it and he asked me to crowd source the BallinMichigan readership for examples. Here is coach Finamore’s message:

I am working on a study about a late game situation; up 3, on defense and less than :07 to play. Do you foul or defend? I was wondering if you can post a note on your website asking all coaches to look out for this situation and to contact me. I’m covering HS, college and pro. I would love more HS samples. been tracking since day one.

So, coaches, players, fans of the game out there … if you’re interested in this hotly contested late-game debate and have examples of why one or the other works or doesn’t work, contact coach Finamore with your input.

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