The Links: Benton Harbor native is one of the greatest 76ers of all-time and is Trey Burke the best in the country?

December 23, 2012 in Roundup

Our Sunday roundup of news from around the state. Slow posting will continue on BallinMichigan until after the holiday this week, then we’ll return to a more normal schedule.

Numbers don’t tell the story for Michigan State‘s Brandan Kearney. (MLive)

Benton Harbor‘s Chet Walker, the 10th greatest Philadelphia 76er of all-time. (Courier Post)

A year in epic moments from Flint’s JaVale McGee. (Deadspin)

McGee with a little Michigan on Michigan crime, swatting former Spartan Zach Randolph. (SLAM)

Lansing’s Anthony Clemmons, other Iowa freshmen learning through their mistakes. (Iowa City Gazette)

Oakland‘s Ryan Bass, Vinnie Johnson-like. (Grizzlies Den)

A new Coleman — DaJuan Coleman — is conjuring up images of Detroit native and Syracuse great Derrick Coleman for the Orange, but they are not related. (New York Times)

Jay Bilas says Michigan‘s Trey Burke is the best point guard in the country. (ESPN)

How does Burke stack up in the player of the year race? (CBS Sports)

What makes the Michigan program great? (David Merritt)

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