Saginaw Buena Vista coach Tory Jackson punishes his team by simply not letting them play

December 29, 2012 in High School

By Patrick Hayes

When Tory Jackson gave up his professional career to coach his alma matar, Saginaw Buena Vista, Jackson insisted that he believed his role in the district was to teach life through basketball, not simply teach basketball. Early this season, he’s already delivered his first lesson in a very public way. Jackson reportedly decided to have his team forfeit a game when he felt they were being too undisciplined. From WNEM TV 5:

But in his short tenure as coach, he said he’s had to make some extreme decisions. A big one was made Thursday night. He canceled his team’s travel to Shepherd because of disciplinary issues.

“We had a slip-up, we had a slip-up, we were undisciplined, and I just punished them for not being as disciplined as what I expected from them,” said Jackson.

He’s not saying exactly what the slip-up was but he said his players and parents know. He informed them today there will be no game. Team captain Armondi Rogers said he gets it.

“There’s more to it than basketball; it’s about life,” said Rogers.

But Jackson said until everyone else understands that, you can call it tough love.

“I feel like this right here will be a learning thing, a learning tool, and from here on out, I don’t expect anything else but great,” said Jackson.

Jackson took a stance that not many coaches would, but not everyone is applauding his decision. Namely, via the Saginaw News, the coach of the team Buena Vista was supposed to play. Here’s Shepherd coach Ryan Huber:

“I understand it was for disciplinary reasons, but it feels like he was punishing our players,” Huber said. “We had a parent of one of our players come quite a ways to see his son play, but then we found out the morning of the game that Buena Vista wasn’t going to come. We had 11 players ready to go. It didn’t feel good. At this point, I don’t think we’ll consider scheduling Buena Vista again.”

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